Back of the Book for Devil Owns the Fence

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

As Neurotechnology goes, the brain chip is genius. In destroying the freewill of man, it is the most diabolical invention ever conceived.

Before injecting the Neurotech Chip into his brain, the government promises Jack he’ll eventually get bionics to fix his paralyzed leg. Many excuses later, Jack realizes it never was about his leg. The collusion of Big Government, Big Tech, Big Pharm and Big Education is messing with the neurotransmitter distribution system in his brain to control his emotions, moods and desires. Not enough money in fixing his leg, the real money is in convincing him it doesn’t need to be fixed. The brain chips are marketed as a panacea to fix whatever bothers you – a global cure for depression and whatever needs curing. Many are just forced to take them – minorities, women and children first.

A bit more aware than your average guinea pig, Jack realizes what they’re up to, goes rogue, fries the neurotech in his head, overcomes the withdrawal symptoms and quickly becomes the enemy of “progress.” As reward, the globalist colluders seek to eliminate Jack and his family for being outliers. But not before they get vengeance by destroying him as a man. To save his daughter, Jack must embark on an adventure that requires more than his paralyzed leg can handle.

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