Bernie Sanders Promises to Set Aside Drug-Dealing Jobs for Minorities

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Apparently Bernie Sanders has made his most racist moment of the other night’s debate into a commercial. This most racist moment comes at around 42 seconds, when Bernie Sanders assures us that he plans to take care of blacks, Latinos and Indians who are hurt by his agenda: “We’re going to provide to African Americans, Latino, and the Native American community, to start businesses to sell legal marijuana, rather than let a few corporations control the legalized marijuana market.” His sentence is actually as dis-jointed as a college without weed, but watch the whole thing. He's without self-awareness. It's beautiful.

I think Bernie Sanders is still smoking too much pot. Corporations will be much more efficient and responsible for the quality control. If you ended up a with a bag of oregano, would you rather try and get reimbursement from a corporation or the guy behind the corner store? In Bernie's racist world, while little boys like him grew up dreaming of being lawyers who'd redistribute other peoples' wealth and then claim a third for themselves, little black boys, little Latino boys and little Indians all dream about growing up to be drug dealers. Since when should government be in charge of children's hopes and dreams, and then the distribution of dreams based on race qualifications? Thank God we don’t live in Bernie’s Wonderland yet.

It must be wonderful to go through life calling everyone else a racist at the same time you are cluelessly a much worse racist yourself. Ignorance must be just as blissful as all that weed Bernie smoked/smokes before his mind was completely alleviated of any sense of self responsibility or any ability to adhere to a Biblically-programmed conscience.

He wants government to be the sin eater of the collective of American and world citizens who are freed of any and all obligations and responsibilities. There’s no need for the belief in anything but giant government, which will provide everything you need as you sit around smoking weed in economically seized-up America. It will be the literal actualization of the old phrase, “America has gone to pot.”

This old hippie is as radical as any whose lips had ever been breached by the pungent smoke from the chronic bud of a cannabis plant.

Bottom line, he knows that by nationalizing as much of the economy that he can get his claws on, there will be many, many people unemployed, especially after he crushes the Trump economy where unemployment is at all-time lows, especially for blacks and Latinos.

As with any sudden societal upheaval, he knows that women, children and minorities will be hurt the most. That’s so inevitable that most fake news people have computer key code that automatically reminds us that “women, children and minorities will be hurt the most.”

In other words, if he really wasn’t a racist and he really cared about blacks, Latinos and Indians, he would tell them all to vote for Donald J. Trump. He’s already admitting that, if he’s elected, they will lose jobs in a big way because that’s a part of his plan.

For example, there is no point in having anyone work at a health insurance company if the government is going to nationalize health care. The government will be taking over completely. Lucky for you, all you blacks, Latinos and Indians who presently have great jobs working in the health insurance industry, Bernie has your back. He’s going to make sure you can start businesses selling pot. And you won’t have to go to jail. It will be legal!!!!! Yay. You can make sure high school kids across America can go through their teenage years high and won’t have a need to worry about where they’re going to get their alcohol.

Actually, here’s a legitimate question for Bernie. Those who argue for the legalization of weed say it is a medicine. If the government is going to nationalize the healthcare system, why wouldn’t they be in charge of distributing weed? It’s a medicine. Why do potheads want to buy (meaning pay money for) their pot off of corporately-purged blacks, Latinos and Indians when they can get free weed from the government healthcare system? You know, cuz it’s a medicine and you want us all to be treated, right?

Ahh, whatever. These are just nuisance question from the peanut gallery that Bernie has no obligation to consider. He has a Trump to slay.

I see where he’s coming from though. Let me be honest (code for sarcastic): I’ve never met a black, Latino or Indian who had a good-paying job in the insurance industry and wasn’t wishing they could just quit and sling dime bags on a street corner instead. In fact, I doubt I’ve ever met a black, Latino or Indian who didn’t want be a drug dealer. I guess Bernie really does care about minorities. He’s going to let them be what they supposedly want to be without forcing them to go to jail for doing it.

Wooooo. Mind blowing brilliance. Joints across America are feeling the Bern.

[End sarcasm]

Cheech, Chong and Bernie’s America Up in Smoke.

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