BLM Crushes MLK’s Dream Part 2 – the “Martyrs”

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

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In part one, we remembered that MLK hoped his children could see an America where they’d wouldn’t be “judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

With MLK’s Dream in mind, let’s look at some of the Black Lives Matter Heroes that have become heroes solely because of the color of their skin and not the lack of character that got them put down by the police.

Let’s begin with George Floyd. He was assassinated by a cop. We all know that. Was it because George Floyd was a black man, or might it have been because he was one of those people who lacked character? Remember, the cop who took the Kaepernick knee (what those in the killing-for-hire business call the Kaeperneck) on his neck worked with him doing security for a night club. Word was, George was a snitch, and the cop had no choice but to kill him or get his own family wacked by the powers that maintain a healthy environment for criminal enterprises to run safely with cops on the payroll, especially bad cops like this one who’d already gotten away with being a bad cop in the past.

The same people that enabled this cop to get away with being a bad cop in the past came to him and said this is what you have to do. He’d sold his soul to them and taking out George Floyd on camera was later put in the fine print of the living contract he’d made with the devil. So, I admit it. Some cops suck, as did this one.

There’s a reason the compromised DA didn’t go after the Death Penalty and Murder One, which should have been the charge. Murder One requires proving motive and doing so would necessitate the uncovering of the monied interests who saved the murdering cop’s career years ago. These would be the same monied interests who forced him to kill Floyd to protect their criminal enterprises, and probably the same monied interests who run the DA’s office that employs the same surrendering DA who refused to bring up Murder One. See how that works? Democrats protect democrats who kill democrats. Republicans get called racist, even though they had nothing to do with this mess. As a common-sense Republican, it’s not racist to despise everyone that had anything to do with this mess – it’s sensible.

Justice isn’t for everyone – only for those worthy of it. To protect the puppet masters, the DA refused to prosecute the murdering cop to the max. Were it up to me, that dirty cop would eat a lead dinner delivered by an old-fashioned firing squad on pay preview TV. I’d volunteer to pull one of the triggers. But it’s not up to me. It’s up to the Democrats that all the people complaining about “injustice” voted for – you get what you vote for suckers.

But look, George Floyd was a drug addict. When you’re an alleged snitch paying for your drugs with CI money for ratting out ne’er-do-wells with cops on the payroll, it doesn’t take a genius to think your time above ground might be limited.

I didn't write that last line, or any of it, but why is it so hard to believe someone might want this guy dead enough to make a cop do the killing?

Is it a shame he’s dead? What’s the quality of character of a man who held a loaded gun to a pregnant woman’s belly while his armed buddies raided her house looking for drugs and money? – George Floyd’s character must be wrapped up in the inner goodness behind his willingness to threaten only to kill the lady’s baby and let her lay there while her baby bleeds out in her hole-riddled belly – no wonder they say he has a heart of gold.

Call me crazy, I wouldn’t riot in the streets over the loss of this guy. He got whacked for being involved in criminal lifestyles with criminals willing to kill to prevent themselves from getting busted. You don’t get to complain about getting burnt after taking a bath in gasoline with a lit cigarette – instead, you get a Darwin award and a thank you note from the gene pool.

Consider Jacob Blake, a serial arrest-resisting womanizing and thieving thug who was wanted for sexually assaulting a woman when he grabbed a knife to resist arrest. He was shot in the spine and paralyzed. Sure, he wasn’t killed, but he will most likely spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair only wishing he could rape all the woman who walk by him shaking their heads. No justice, no peace? – That sounds like justice to me, a rapist wannabe who can no longer rape. A peacock with his tail feathers clipped.

Was it because he was black, or was it because no one bothered to tell him not to resist arrest? If the content of his character were better, he wouldn’t have needed to try and kill the cops arresting him. But he did and wants me to pretend I feel bad for him. Sorry buddy, I think you were given a second chance, the wheelchair is right where you belong, and I hope you’ll make the best of it. Give your life to Jesus and spend the rest of your days telling children not to be as stupid as you were before you were paralyzed.

Look at Breonna Taylor. Her boyfriend and her former boyfriend were both drug dealers. I’ve read through MLK’s speech and can find no place where he says that little girls should date drug dealers to get some character.

Oh, the peanut gallery whines, but she was a nurse. So what? – I say. More people die at hospitals than any other place on the planet. Think about all the nurses helping people die and think about all the nurses aiding and abetting Big China Virus’ efforts to blame everyone’s death on the China Virus so the hospitals will get more federal monies. Look at all their viral line-dancing videos. Nurses across America are choreographing and practicing line dances while people rot away in their beds. Nurses aren’t above corruption, and that’s especially true of this one.

Bottom line, I think she’s the one who shot at the cops. The house was dark, and the cops would have seen the bright muzzle flash in front of whoever shot at them. They shot in the direction of the muzzle flash, and a lot of the bullets ended up in her and none were in her boyfriend. Unless her boyfriend had one of those Chinese-made ventriloquist guns, she was most likely the shooter.

Why’s it hard to believe she was the weak link in that criminal enterprise? While her boyfriend was a drug dealer, at least he had the common sense not to shoot at cops. Sorry, but that’s how I see it.

Look at these photos. She treats her AR like it’s a sex toy, and she’s all about the thug boy upon whose lap she poses with guns. I don’t care about the color of her skin – criminality gets her excited. Judging from the photos she created to represent the content of her character, I cannot pretend I believe the cops shot in the wrong direction.

Lastly, let’s consider Daniel Prude. Daniel Prude was a naked pervert high on PCP Angel Dust walking through Rochester, NY neighborhoods, smashing windows and showing his junk to any children awake enough to look. That’s disgusting and despicable. Sure, crackhead Hunter Biden puts his junk all over your kid’s pornhub channel, but Daniel Prude isn’t the Democrat President’s son, and the Democrat President wouldn’t allow the justice system treat his own kid as if he were a black pervert. Prove me wrong.

Forget that aside. People on PCP aren’t one-time-drug offenders. They are addicts who drive their family members crazy. His own brother was the one that snitched on him.

Sure, they said he had mental problems, but as we all know, that’s very often code for “drug addiction.” This guy gets released from the mental ward because there was nothing they could do for him, and he immediately self-medicates with PCP. I doubt very much the mental ward gave him the pipe full of angel dust and said smoke this, yet I’m supposed to root for the destruction of the lives of the cops that had to deal with this guy?

Sure, it might be unfortunate that the guy died, but it was not the cops’ faults that this guy considers his drug problem a mental health issue. Daniel Prude was bragging about spitting the China Virus all over these cops, and they had to cover his head with a spit guard. It wasn’t his black skin they were trying to cover. Were that the case, they would have covered the pervert’s drug-induced overheating naked body. No, it was the alleged Chinese-made disease in his mouth that he was bragging about spitting at them.

If Daniel’s brother didn’t want his druggy brother to die in the hands of the cops, he shouldn’t have snitched on him. Daniel probably would have eventually found a snowdrift where he could sleep it off. One thing I never heard though, did the guy really have COVID? If he did, the cops can blame his death on COVID. That would be funny. The cops could argue that he actually died of the China Virus and that resisting arrest was his co-morbidity. Nothing like contempt of courts – I have it all day long and so should these cops.

Bottom line, Daniel Prude was a drug addict who couldn’t fit into civilization well, and because he died as a result, people want us to believe it was because of the color of his skin. No, doing drugs is a choice. It’s not a mental issue. If you do drugs, do stupid things and get killed doing stupid things while on drugs, it has nothing to do with the color of your skin. The drug habit is just there to fill the void left by your lack of character.

The skin color of a person who has good character is meaningless. When a person who lacks character blames his actions on the color of his skin, that just further illuminates that person’s empty vat of character. Turning dead black men and women, who are killed while resisting arrest and at the same time sporting an empty vat of character, into heroes and martyrs will only teach the next generation of black children to embrace their own deaths as they get killed resisting arrest in hopes their parents will be proud of them for taking it to the man. Might sound crazy, but what are kids to think when they see all these adults running around under the banner of Black Lives Matter? Anyone who thinks this movement is good for society is psychotic, and that’s an actual mental disorder.

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