California LGTBQP decriminalizes Sex with Children

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

The California Legislature passed a bill to reduce penalties for adults having anal or oral sex with willing children who are less than ten years younger.

Judges will have the option of not labeling a pervert a "sex offender" if the 8-year-old boy told the 18-year-old Biden-voter it was OK to anally rape him.

Funny enough, the main sponsor of the bill is named Weiner. Go figure. They did not include normal sex in this legislation because it seems California already considers it OK for a 20 year old to have sex with a 10 year old, as long as the 10 year old said it was alright.

I'm still rooting for the San Andreas Fault line.

This is the LGBTQ coalition adopting the P for Pedophile coalition into their ranks and admitting that grooming children is a part of their culture. In other words, when a heterosexual man has sex with a child, he may in fact be guilty of culturally appropriating the LGBTQP's culture. Or, it might mean that the LGBTQ people are saying that heterosexual pedophilia is the same as acting gay. Dont' want to act gay, quit having sex with children.

Whether that's their message or not, I cannot be held responsible for making legitimate inferences from those in charge of pretending the promotion of grooming children for alternative lifestyles is a necessary cultural attribute I must respect. I don't respect it.

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