Donald Trump is the Best Thing for the GOP Since Ronald Reagan- I

Let me repeat that.  Donald Trump is the best thing to happen for the Republican Party since Ronald Reagan.  He’s the wakeup call.  Get in line or go the way of George H. W. Bush after he raised taxes and watched Ross Perot take him out by getting about twenty million votes as a third-party candidate.

Like Ronald Reagan, Trump speaks the truth and doesn’t allow his truth to be filtered by the liberal media or the liberal poohbahs that run the Republican Party.  For that reason, the Republican Party hates and is trying to destroy Trump.  But Trump is running as a populist man of the people who is actually listening to the people and catering to their needs.  He’s like Obi-wan Kenobi.  “You cannot win Darth.  If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”  And for that reason, the establishment Republicans are going to need extra-strength Depends “adult” diapers as they try to eliminate him without playing the role of Darth Vader while Emperor Hillary is licking her bloody chops in the fog of despotic entitlement.

The people in this country- Democrats, Republicans and Independents- want a government that listens to their needs and not the needs of third-world illegal-alien invaders who have come here to rapes us, force our kids into sex slavery after getting them addicted to their drugs, kill us and take our tax dollars in the form of welfare after making it near impossible for an unskilled American to get a job that pays the bills.  Maybe some are good people, but who cares?  They have all been criminals from the moment they decided to be here illegally.  The law is the law, and if you aren’t going to follow it, you’re a criminal.

Imagine if a Republican governor treated the federal law as Obama does and used the National Guard to close down all abortion facilities and arrest all abortion doctors for the murders they commit.  The liberals would all crap their pants at once, yet they cheer Obama’s illegal amnesty because it guarantees that the Republicans will never again win another national election, as soon as they teach the illegals to vote like the grandchildren and great grandchildren of their freed slaves.  By the way, the head of the Oklahoma GOP has called for closing all Planned Parenthoods and arresting the “doctors.”  Here here, old boy- that’s the kind of GOP activism we need.  Since when do we need to pretend trafficking in baby-body parts is a necessary element of “women’s health?”

Table of Contents Donald Trump is the Best Thing to Happen for the Republican Party Since Ronald Reagan- Part I- Introduction Part II-  Trump Can Turn his Moral Weaknesses into Strengths Part III-  How Trump is Different than Other GOP Candidates Part IV-  How Can We Take Trump Seriously on Illegal Immigration? Part V-  Donald Trump vs. John McCain Part VI-  Trump Gives Confidence to Other Republicans Part VII-  Conclusion: Social Issues, the Minority Vote and Third-Party Possibilities In any case, most of the ruling-class Republicans are dumb enough to think they can get a respectable portion of the illegal alien vote, even though they get barely a third of the legal immigrant vote.  Idiots.  Furthermore, the Republicans think that these illegal aliens will be happy to play welfare-state slave to the entitled retiree class of whites.

With groups like La Raza running the ideological schooling of these invaders, what in the world are they thinking?  La Raza means “The Race.”  They hate whites, blacks and Asians as much as the KKK hates blacks, Catholics and Jews.  By the way, Hillary obediently addressed- no pandered to- La Raza.  Watch it here because no one wants to cover what she said, must be that bad.  Seriously, I can’t find written excerpts of her speech anywhere.  I could watch it myself, but I don’t have a half an hour to be reminded why her husband doesn’t live in the same state as she does.  Like the KKK, La Raza is pro-Democrat, but so are the communists and the neo-nazis.  They’re all socialists of one form or another.  Why doesn’t she address them all?

It’s downright insane to believe that these racist invaders, who’ve come here to demand all that Obama has promised them, are going to be willing to pay higher taxes so that white retirees don’t have to work as they drool on themselves into their nineties, whiling the day away in a $1,000 a day government-subsidized nursing home.  These old folks are the same people that didn’t want these illegal aliens to come here in the first place.  It’s no coincidence that the same left-wingnuts trying to bring this third-world nightmare to this once great nation is more excited than a coked-up porn star, who’s just snorted a line of Viagra, about the assisted suicide death cult practice of killing off the inconvenients.  Anyone who thinks it’s safe to entrust our Social Security pyramid retirement scheme to a bunch of criminal invaders is about as competent as an old lady who entrusts her checkbook to a crack-addicted nursing aide who promises to pay the old lady’s bills as soon as she’s done freebasing her new bag of rock.

And that’s why Donald Trump might be the best and last hope America has.  If we do not put an end to the third-world invasion, America is done.  America will become a one party state run by socialists with totalitarian instincts and the will to destroy and smear any and all who challenge their onslaught.  But Trump doesn’t care.

Look, The GOP is dead.  The American public has given the GOP control of both houses of congress, and all they’ve done is fund the Cromnibus, fund Obamacare, fund Obama’s amnesty, allow the Supreme Court to write a supposed law that redefines God’s institution of marriage as a celebration of sin, allowed Obama to negotiate a treaty to give nukes to Iran and then to protect Iran’s nuclear program from the pesky Israelis that Obama apparently wants to see nuked, allowed Obama to get rid of American sovereignty with the Trade Promotion Authority to negotiate with foreign entities that will be given control of our immigration rules, and the list goes on.  And when great men like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Tim Scott, Trent Franks and Jim Jordon try to stop the destruction of America, their own party, which has been bought and paid for by the leftists that run the Chamber of Crony Commerce, tries to destroy them as well.

If the Republicans were smart, both houses of Congress would bring up a bill that “denies all tax dollars and tax-exempt status to any organization that is caught selling body parts taken from babies that fail to survive abortion.”  This is better than a bill defunding Planned Parenthood.  This simple bill would force Democrats to either vote to defund Planned Parenthood for actually getting caught selling baby-body parts, or it would put them on record as being in favor of using tax dollars to fund the sale of baby-body parts.  That position hurts come election time, and these politicians will have to answer to the voters.

On top of that, if the president isn’t willing to veto a bill that prevents tax dollars going to baby-body-parts dealers, the passage of this bill will require the defunding of Planned Parenthood and the rejection of Planned Parenthood’s tax-exempt status.

Or how about passing a bill that “guarantees 1st Amendment religious liberty and makes it a crime to persecute Christians by trying to force them to do anything that violates their religious convictions, including any participation in ‘gay marriage.’”  Force the Democrats to vote against punishment for radicals who use the court system to silence and destroy Christian business owners.  Force the Democrats to vote against the 1st Amendment, and then ask them how that is “liberal” come reelection time.

Because the Republicans aren’t smart, don’t expect something like that to happen.  In fact, with control of both houses, the Republicans haven’t forced Obama to veto any common sense legislation that would serve to force the president to go on the record as the total moral degenerate that he is.  Forget about funding the government.  This is what they were elected to do, but instead, they just aid and abet Obama’s destruction of America.  And this is why the Trump man is rising.  While we conservatives can’t stand Democrats, we pretty much despise Republicans as well.  And they should know that.

And it’s not like we can trust FoxNews, which is so under the thumb of its Islamic shareholders that liberal Bob Beckel was fired from “The Five” because he isn’t afraid to speak out against Islam.  Of course FoxNews wouldn’t admit this, but that’s what happened, and we all know it.  FoxNews pushes the liberal Republican candidates as much as it tries to destroy Cruz, Paul, Jindal and Trump.

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