Foxnews Demonesses Lose It at Newt's Mention of Soros

Newt Gingrich talks about Soros' national funding of the DAs who are anti-police and pro-criminal. All a fact. These two or three Foxnews Demonesses lose their mental faculties at the thought that Newt is telling the truth about their dark lord's favorite representative and Jewish Nazi George Soros.

One must never forget that the dark lord took great interest in Soros back in World War II, when, even as a Jew, he took great initiative in helping Hitler steal, value and inventory the Jews' valuables on their way to liquidation. In the eyes of the dark lord, a Nazi is good, but a Jewish Nazi is especially good.

So, at the end of this video when these Foxnews bimbos stick up and lie for their party's sugar daddy, witness the total on-air silence. The mention of Soros must have tripped up some subroutines in their programming. Newt is left stunned watching them lose their mental faculties. Another reason you can never trust a liberal. They have no ability to think for themselves and must let the programming do the speaking for them - a bunch of mental slaves.

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