GameStop movement is the Modern Day Tea Party

Forget about the Tea Party of the Obama years. All they did was get some Republicans elected who later turned around and stabbed the American people in the back, thus proving that power corrupts, even those you once thought worthy of your support.

No, the GameStop movement is the little guy going after the big guys, and hitting them right where it counts with a their own government-funded space lasers. The boss lady wanted me to write this up so that everyone would understand it but so that it was no fun for me to write it. Chaplain Yeeesh will just have to suck it up, because this story is fun.

Before I explain it, please note that this is not investment advice. The players in this story are willing to risk everything. Do not join this fight, lose money and blame me. I’m just telling you what it’s about in the simplest terms I can.

Think about it this way. The hedge fund managers are the money changers in the Temple. There’s a reason Jesus turned over their tables. They were evil – remember, love of money is the root of all evil. By turning the tables on these hedge fund managers, the millions of little guys putting the screws to them are essentially following Jesus. Even the Bernie Bros – yes this little band of financial marauders include the acolytes of the godless Soviet-loving commie from Vermont.

The great thing about this though, it’s forcing the left to show their true colors, and people like the angry proles who thought Bernie was the savior are waking the heck up. Even their beloved fake Indian Elizabeth Warren, who pretended to sleep in teepees because she was supposedly down with the struggle, has written to have these little guys investigated and punished for going up against the left’s army of little-guy-destroying hedgies. This is David vs. Goliath on acid-laced steroids. Sit back and enjoy the show. Here’s my explanation of what is going on.

First of all, a hedge fund is a mutual fund for the big guys. You have to have a high-level of net worth to invest in them. The little guy is never invited into their sand box. Part of the reason is that it does involve more risk than just owning a bunch of random stocks in a mutual fund. The other part is that they don’t really want the little guy to know how much the system is rigged. As President Trump always said, especially in his criticism of the Hedge-Fund cabal, the system is rigged. He was right, and that’s why they are still trying to destroy him. Any man worthy of being impeached twice by those grifting off the rigged system is doing something right.

Here’s why investing in a hedge fund can be dangerous. They short stocks, and a lot of times, all the hedge funds work together to short weak companies into oblivion. By that, I mean they sell a company they don’t own, hoping to by it back at zero when they bankrupt it and put it out of business. It’s the essence of selling high, and then they do whatever they can to discredit the company so that the little guy sells his shares while his other Hedge-fund buddies continue to sell it short.

To create this frenzy, they put bloody chum in the water in the form of rumors of insolvency, weak numbers, lawsuits coming – whatever might hurt the company on the street. In the case of Toys-R-Us, 5 of these hedge funds convinced creditors, who were holding about $700 million of the nearly $6 billion in debt, that Toys-R-Us was worth more bankrupt and liquidated than it was if they were allowed to reorganize the debt.

Under reorganization, the little guy holding the stock would be wiped out, but the creditors would eventually get something back upon reorganization. These hedge funds talked these creditors to pull the loans and force Toys-R-Us to liquidate and disappear. The Hedge fundies made billions, and now we have to buy toys from Amazon. Bottom line is, they destroy weakness for the betterment of the “masters of the universe.’

Now, with GameStop, a hedge fund called Melvin Capital went short big on it, in hopes of destroying another little brick and mortar company so that everyone would just buy their games at Amazon like overlord Bezos prefers.

You might think that’s fine, but the people losing their jobs tend to think it sucks. Property owners leasing space to GameStop, who now need to find new tenants, think it sucks. But the super rich hedge fund owners see blood in the water and start piling on. Here’s the thing about Melvin Capital’s hedge fund. It’s for the super super rich. A lot of the lower-class super rich aren’t allowed to invest. So, other hedge funds popped up that do exactly what Melvin does. They mimic Melvin to let the “little rich guy” get a taste of the action. In other words, they, as a cabal, are short GameStop to an extreme level. That and the fact that other hedgies followed suit, saw the blood in the water and went short too.

Guess what, the short position became so large it forced the mathematically inclined to take a look. The short position was 140% of the shares of the company outstanding. When 30% of a company’s stock shares are sold short, that is considered heavily shorted. I’ve never seen 140%. That’s crazy, illegal, obscene, pornographic and satanic all at once. The money changers bit off more than they could chew.

Seriously consider this. In order to go short, you first have to borrow the stock from another shareholder who has his shares in a margin account. How did they legally short 140% of the shares when there were less than 100% held in margin accounts that could actually be borrowed? If your answer is they couldn’t legally do it, you are catching on.

Now, what these guys who are short this stock fear most is the stock going up. If GameStop truly is financially weak, that would doubtfully happen. So they kept shorting it lower, locking GameStop out of the secondary markets where they might be willing to sell additional shares of stock to get money to get over their troubles. At a super low price, the number of shares to sell would be too high and would dilute the stock dramatically. Being priced out of the secondary market makes begging to creditors all the more futile. The creditors are much less likely to let them reorganize their debt if they don’t have the safety net of knowing the company can just sell shares in a secondary offering.

So, how did they get away with it? The buyers that banded together were mostly trading in Robin Hood accounts. These low-commission or no-commission accounts were supposedly for the little guy, but they were actually created so the big guys could see what the little guys were up to and then destroy the little guys. Robin Hood is owned by Citadel. Citadel is also a large shareholder in the Melvin Hedge fund. This is a giant conflict of interest. By the time a large majority of the little guys with accounts at Robin Hood had GameStop in their accounts, Melvin realized they were in trouble. Melvin runs their trades through Robin Hood . The little guys buying the GameStop shares were buying them while Melvin was borrowing them to further short them. Robin Hood , instead of making money on the commissions, was getting the spread (the difference between the buy price and the sell price). In the meantime, it appears that Robin Hood was allowing Melvin to borrow more shares of GameStop than they had to offer, thus enabling Melvin to have more than 100% of the shares shorted.

Who is Citadel? They paid Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen over $800 Gs to speak to them. For those newly awake, those aren’t speaking fees. They’re down payments for indulgences to later be exercised. Old Fed Chair Ben Bernanke is an advisor to Citadel/Melvin Capital and probably sits on the board. These are people making huge amounts of money swinging globalist connections to help the Hedge funds use inside information to destroy the weak parts of our system and make a crapload of money in the process for the same banks that were bailed out back during the last crisis they created.

If you think they’re not all in on the inside information, Nancy Pelosi just got busted by the court of public opinion for buying options with a $500 buy-in price for Tesla, two days before our fake president Biden announced the government’s fleet of vehicles was going to be replaced with electric cars. Tesla stock screamed like a STD-riddled liberal chick at the closing of her favorite Planned Parenthood. Pelosi gets away with insider trading, and then turns around and sticks up for the Hedgies when they get in trouble.

Guess what, this crisis could be even larger than 2007. They really might be in trouble like nothing we’ve ever seen. That’s why Robin Hood halted their little-guy traders from buying GameStop and the other heavily shorted companies last week. Citadel’s hedge fund is essentially upside down because of the price of GameStop.

Let me explain the risks of going short. Say they sold 30 million shares short at an average price of 20. When the stock goes to 320, they are down by 30 million shares multipled by 300 dollars. That’s 9 billion bucks. Word around the campfire, the hedgies are presently down to the tune of over 90 billion. Heh. Some of these funds now are worth less than zero, meaning all the shareholders actually owe the banks backing these funds money. Granted, they won’t pay, but the banks will be on the hook for the losses.

Unless they can buy back these shares at a lower price, they must cover at extremely high prices, and instead of covering, they’re shorting more. It’s now over 140% short. They are compounding the problem, knowing that they gave Biden over $20 million so he would bail them out if they had the tables turned on them.

That’s why it is rumored that the White House, whoever is running it, called these brokerages – Robin Hood and other discounts brokerages – and made them halt the buying of the stock. In fact, Robin Hood was actually selling their clients out of the stock in order to make it go down so the shorts could cover without leaving the banks on the hook for all the losses. Imagine that. Not only are they trying to kill the social network platforms where the little guys conspired, but they are trying to prevent the little guys from using their own money to buy the stocks of their own choice. Land of the free, my butt.

Bottom line, the battle is just beginning. The little guy in America has had it. How can you hurt him when he has nothing to lose. The globalist power structure holding up this corrupt and rigged investment system has closed his business over a plandemic, they’re kicking him off social media for pointing out how corrupt they are, they’re killing people with these terrible experimental “vaccines,” they’ve stolen a landslide election by illegally changing the election rules, they’ve promised to keep doing it, they’ve called the little guy a racist-homophobic-sexist bigot, they want to label all Trump supporters domestic terrorists so they can turn DHS on the American people, they’ve turned the DC seat of government into a gated community protected from Americans by our own soldiers, and every time the little guy tries to protest the government, he is arrested for insurrection.

The little guy has nothing to lose. His government is in debt to the tune of 30 trillion, not counting the 200 trillion in unfounded liabilities, and elections are now meaningless. The Republic is dead, and those that manipulated and made trillions off his tired back are still trying to stick it to him.

And don’t get me wrong. The Republicans are just as bad. They did nothing when the election was stolen from Trump, even though many of them were elected on his coattails. There’s only a little difference between the parties. While the Republicans want to kill us slowly by getting us addicted to heroine and mesmerize us as they have us sit there and watch them do nothing until we’re so tired we purposely overdose ourselves, the Democrats want to donkey punch us until we’re comatose and then anally rape us until our teeth fall out. Both parties are bought and paid for.

The gloves are off. Until they make it completely illegal to own GameStop and these other heavily shorted companies, the ruling class is in trouble. If they can’t figure out how to get the millions of little guys who own GameStop to sell their shares so the hedgies can cover after the stock has gone down a few hundred points, they are all in trouble. If GameStop goes to $1,000, it is game over. The losses of these hedge funds will be eaten by the banks, and these banks will end up bankrupt. Not just one bank like when Leahman Brothers collapsed, causing a global recession. This will cause every big bank to collapse. The globalists want a Great Reset, watch the little guy burn it all down. And that’s what this is. Burn it all down. They’ve got the numbers.

That’s why this is not investment advice. These guys behind this short squeeze are willing to lose everything to bring the corrupt system to its knees. By the way, a short squeeze is when the price of the stock rises parabolically as the shorts are forced to buy at any price once the banks call it quits on the hedgies. Not only will they have to cover the shorts, they will have to sell other long positions to cover the cost of covering the shorts, thus causing the rest of the market to go down as well.

Keep in mind, if a little guy was short in this position, he would have had to cover a long time ago, but the big banks let these hedgies just short more in hopes they can beat the little guy into submission with the help of the corrupt lawmakers who’ve they’ve already bought.

It doesn’t end with these heavily shorted companies either. The next phase is silver. Right now, they are buying huge amounts of silver, which is apparently shorted heavily, thus keeping the price down. If silver goes through the roof, not only will they have to send the price higher with a short squeeze, but many companies will have to buy silver at much higher prices to build the things they make. For example, every Tesla car has about 12kg of silver. Computers, processors, all of it. They need actual silver. If the price skyrockets, their cost of goods goes through the roof, and their profit margins collapse.

Big picture, this is a powerful revolution, and that’s why I called it the modern-day Tea Party. If successful, it will collapse the stock market, the dollar, our government, the economy and the world economy. Sure, the globalists at the top of the pyramid hoping to install the Great Reset would love nothing more than the chaos this will bring, out of which they hope to bring order, but what if they have nothing left at the end? How do they bring order when they’ve been equalized. Reagan used to say a rising tide lifts all boats, but this rising tide will sink all the boats because they will all have holes in them.

Again, this is not investment advice. I do not know if they will succeed. The government will do whatever it can to screw the little guy, rest assured. It’s no longer a government of the people. It’s a government against the people. If you balk, they will gladly sacrifice your first, second and third born to shut you up. You don’t have a third child? - they’ll impregnate your wife and slaughter the baby in their abortion-mill death camps just so their stock gods have new blood upon which to feast.

I do know that if they do succeed though, the world will change. The dollar will be meaningless, and those that can do will live. Those that cannot, will suffer. In a world where armed revolution is impossible because those in charge will turn our own troops on us in a second, and there are too many who will mindlessly follow orders even when unconstitutional, this is the closest thing we’ve ever had that could bring the ruling class to its knees. So be careful with your money, have a backup plan and know that, if it all starts to go south, it may not recover anytime soon.

Viva the Trump revolution. He warned them that the system was rigged. It woke a lot of people, and these people are out for blood.

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