Hillary got a Boob Job from Foreign Plastic Surgeon

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

It looks as though, in preparation for her 2020 campaign, the queen of getting presidents impeached for embarrassing her, got a boob job in hopes the men in America might find her more palatable than her husband does. Apparently, because she's so for the down trodden and illegal-alien types, she went to a plastic surgeon that didn't speak English. She asked him to make her cheeks look perkier and to trim her chin hairs. Vavoom.

She asked the plastic surgeon to make her cheeks look perky.

Luckily she didn't go to the one that killed off Joan Rivers a month after she spoke "her truth" about Obama being the first gay president and Michelle Obama being the first transgender first lady (see below). Look, I can't guarantee Rivers' truth was THE truth, but, how does one explain the queen of plastic surgery dying on a table built for her so soon after she outs the president as a guy who likes other guys? For the elites, the truth must be squashed immediately.

Ask Epstein.

Actually, Epstein's no longer any help.

Look at what they're doing to Trump though.

After the multiple failed assassination attempts, they have impeached him for not agreeing with them. Until now, it wasn't a High Crime or a Misdemeanor to disagree with the globalist elites, but when you are completing the task that President Kennedy began just before he was killed by the same behind-the-curtain global elites gunning for President Trump, they'll try to destroy you at any cost.

Kennedy made his plans public and was put down just seven days later. In the time it took God to create the world, the globalists killed Kennedy. Incidentally, they blamed it on the Russians, using a Soviet-loving admirer of Castro to take the shot and the fall. Then, like they did with Epstein, they cleaned up their mess with Jack Ruby taking out the shooter. Remember, it was the C_IA that came up with the term "conspiracy theory" to discredit anyone who shines a light on their America-destroying New World Order intentions. Don't ever forget that George H. W. "New World Order" Bush was head of the C_IA.

But if that's not enough, look at these faces of the globalists trying to squash the President Trump. It says it all. They're all a part of the club that Trump has no interest in joining.

As promised, the unforgettable Joan Rivers. I may not have agreed with her politically, but I thought she was hilarious and never missed an opportunity to watch her show back in the 80s. To her dying day, she knew how to push buttons.

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