In Defense of Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren

In the initial handling of Daniel Prude’s death due to his arrest by Rochester City Police, I have to say I believe Mayor Lovely Warren acted responsibly. It might actually be the most conservative thing she’s ever done.

I say this in response to Bob Lonsberry’s assessment that she should have released the film footage immediately. What kind of Jacobin nonsense has Lonsberry been smoking?

Had Lovely Warren done what Lonsberry said Rochester needed, how many Rochester businesses, apartment buildings and homes would have been destroyed? And for what, so the demon-infested BLM mob could claim their lovely mayor was looking out for their right to be judge, jury and punisher? If black lives really mattered to them, they’d be burning down Planned Parenthoods instead of black neighborhoods.

What Warren and Police Chief Singletary did was responsible and sober. I will not criticize her for waiting until an investigation had been done to unleash the mob. While I do not trust the government in determining what is just, I trust the mob even less. No one, in the beginning of the Chinese pandemic in March when this happened, needed riots in Rochester over a situation that hadn’t yet been investigated.

Even with the release of the video, I still stand by the police officers’ handling of the situation. I don’t look at this as a black man getting suffocated by white cops.

Daniel Prude was a naked pervert high on PCP Angel Dust walking through neighborhoods, smashing windows and showing his junk to any children who were looking. That’s disgusting and despicable. Look, people on PCP aren’t one-time-drug offenders. They are addicts who drive their family members crazy. His own brother was the one that snitched on him, and now his brother is trying to get taxpayers to pay millions to his greedy family because the Rochester Police accidentally eliminated his family’s biggest problem. Maybe that’s what he was hoping for when he snitched on his brother.

Daniel belonged in jail or in a mental ward, but because the libs have turned degenerates who resist arrest into heroes, we’re supposed to shame the police for the killing of a supposed hero. The Democrats are letting all the criminals out of jail. The only way to get them off the street now is if the police kill them or we kill them, which is illegal. That's what happens when you let out all the criminals. If the police kill a criminal on the street, I have to trust their judgement. I cannot trust the system that is letting out addicts, murderers, rapists and pedophiles on a daily basis. If we as a society want criminals off the street in the day and age of plandemic, we have to let the cops do what it takes. We can't make it impossible to put a criminal in jail and then get pissed when they solve the problem in a more efficient manner. We can't have it both ways.

Nonetheless, the greedy Prude family is claiming that the guy had mental issues.

Guess what sympathy grifters, smoking PCP is not a mental issue. It’s a choice, and he made his choices. He was the one that got naked and started spitting at the cops in an era of the Chinese Virus and air-borne Hepatitis. The cops had no obligation to put their own well-beings in harm for some naked, spitting pervert.

Unless the family is willing to let us - the taxpayers being told we owe this guy's family millions - investigate whether family members were the ones that talked Daniel into treating his mental illness with angel dust, I say we give his family nothing and tell them to like it. Their lives are already easier now that they no longer have to bail out and make excuses for their stupid, angel-dusted addict of a family member.

This guy died due to his own choices. If he didn’t want a spitting mask on his face, he shouldn’t have been spitting at the cops. By the way, this happened at a time when we all were supposed to wear masks so as to not spread the Chinese Virus. Why was the naked guy supposedly exempt from wearing a mask? Didn’t the police have an obligation to hinder the spread of his germs?

If not, why do we pay for police?

So yes, I commend Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren for hiding this video and story until it was investigated. While I doubt our police will be treated justly, the increasing lawlessness in Rochester is the rightful reward for the community’s defunding of the cops just trying to do their jobs.

The guy died in the commission of crimes. It's not our fault he was a criminal, and cities should not burn in is honor. I am sorry to the Prude family that they lost Daniel, but I am more offended that his family is telling me that I'm so racist I owe them money because the cops they called to sic on their boy Daniel couldn't keep him alive.

Did you hear that BLM? The family trying to cash in on this dead guy snitched on their own family member and are now trying to blame others for what happened as a result of their snitching. If it weren't for the family calling the cops, this guy would probably still be alive. He might have found a nice snow drift to sleep it off in. Instead, he's dead.

I don't see any reason to divert money from the police, thus making my life less safe, in order to make this family rich.

We all are responsible for our actions. If you don't want your kids shot, quit teaching them they can resist arrest and be heroes. If you don't want the police to take down your drug addict brother, don't call the cops on him. If you don’t want your neighborhood destroyed and sent up in flames, don’t riot on behalf of a violent, naked, germ-spreading drug addict who got killed while resisting arrest. He’s not worth it, and he’s not a hero.

Oh, by the way, I heard Lovely Warren's press conference. She's trying to make excuses for having done the right thing of waiting to release the video until it'd been investigated, but whatever. Those cops deserved due process and not a trial by mob. Leave it to Lovely to do everything she can to make sure I have nothing to admire about her. Good job mayor. Back to your old ways.

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