LGBTQ Adopts Pedophiles in California to Become LGBTQP

This is an update of my September 3rd post "California LGTBQP decriminalizes Sex with Children." At that point the newly passed, SB 145 was still unsigned. Since then, California governor Gavin Newsom has signed the bill. I've also added some additional thoughts in the additional thoughts section.

The California Legislature passed a bill to reduce penalties for adults having anal or oral sex with willing children who are less than ten years younger.

Judges will have the option of not labeling a pervert a "sex offender" if the 8-year-old boy told the 18-year-old Biden-voter it was OK to anally rape him.

CA State Senator Scott Wiener - The Conscience of the Demorat Party

Funny enough, the main sponsor of the bill is named Scott Wiener. Go figure. They did not include normal sex in this legislation because it seems California already considers it OK for a 20-year-old to have sex with a 10 year old, as long as the 10 year old said it was alright.

I'm still rooting for the San Andreas Fault line.

This is the LGBTQ coalition adopting the P for Pedophile coalition into their ranks and admitting that grooming children is a part of their culture. In other words, when a heterosexual man has sex with a child, he may in fact be guilty of culturally appropriating the LGBTQP's culture. Or, it might mean that the LGBTQ people are saying that heterosexual pedophilia is the same as acting gay. Don't want to act gay? - quit having sex with children.

Whether that's their message or not, I cannot be held responsible for making legitimate inferences from those in charge of pretending the promotion of grooming children for alternative lifestyles is a necessary cultural attribute I must respect. I don't respect it.

Additional Thoughts Section:

If the people in California want the rest of the world to take them seriously, they need to stop electing people like Wiener and all those who voted for his pedophile bill. Right thinking humans would look at the current situation in California and ask: why the heck are 18-year-old men allowed to have sex with 8-year-old girls as long as the girl says it's OK?

Instead, this pervert Scott Wiener sees that as discrimination against gay people. If gay people wanted the rest of the country to like and accept them more, they might try and consider the needs and safety of children first. Putting the well-being of children before their drive to have sex with children might go a long way. Trying to overturn the other bill instead of expanding it would have been much more respectable. Instead, California has just become closer to Sodom, and now it's actually turning to ash.

To those in the LGBTQ community, please consider that. Most Americans have no hatred for you because of your lifestyle. It's just the incessant sexualization of children that we have a problem with. Leave the children alone, and quit pretending the gay agenda has no intention of doing children harm. California just proved they did. LGBTQ just added P. This is not an opinion. It is fact. If you are pro-LGBTQ, you are pro-pedophile. That's crazy. Wake up and walk away. Not all gays have to be aiders and abbettors of the gay agenda's efforts to get their hands on children.

For many of us who oppose the gay agenda, we don't care if you're gay. We just want you to leave the children alone. Unless you agree that being gay means you have to mess with children, you should walk away.

And I don't even need to bring God into it. Just look at what Global Warming is doing to California since the passing of this bill. It is up in flames, and the Democrats blame Global Warming. In other words, not even the god in charge of warming the earth approves of the normalization of pedophilia in California. Want to fight Global Warming? - quit having sex with children.

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