Part III- How Trump is Different than Other GOP Candidates

So what’s wrong with the liberal Republican Candidates?  Jeb, their Republican of choice, is more Mexican than Obama is American.  Wait, more than just about none can still be just about none.  How about this:  Jeb is about fifty times more Mexican than Obama is American.  That’s about right. Furthermore, Jeb is way too comfortable in speaking in the language of the left.  He recently said that he thought half a billion dollars was too much money to spend on “women’s health issues” at Planned Parenthood, when he was referring to the over half a billion dollars that the government gives to Planned Parenthood to kill babies and sell their body parts.  His use of euphemism to describe Democrat Party atrocities will come back to haunt him over and over.

Scott Walker did a good job on the unions, but he’s pro-Common Core and you can’t trust his tough talk against illegal immigrants.  The Koch brothers like him too much to take that seriously- they’re open-borders liberals cuz ya gotta get that cheap labor.  On top of that, his wife and children are pro-gay marriage.  Never trust a man who might be held hostage to the feelings of those he loves.  Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger- he was married to a Kennedy that was so good at withholding sex every time he wanted to be conservative that he ended up knocking up the Guatemalan help.  At least he’s freed of the Kennedy ball and chain so he can go back to being one of the greatest action-movie actors in the history of the earth.  I’m all for marriage, but not the kind of marriage the Kennedys are famous for having.  Nonetheless, I’d love to see him run the Department of Labor.

Rubio is just a smooth-talking McCainiac with a Cuban complexion.  After his orgy-of-eight romp with Senator Schmuck Chumer, John McCain and the rest of illegal-alien Stonewall brigade, I can’t trust a word he says.

Rick Perry talks a good game, but what happened to the border after all the tough talk?- nothing.  The invasion continues, and I don’t care that the Ashley Banfield eye-glasses make him look more intellectual.  He’s become a lot more liberal.  Intellectual is a what we call those who’ve thrown away common sense and given up on the idea of trusting your gut.  All his highly paid establishment advisors are bunch of de-balled skirt-wearing teeny boppers, jacked up on government-school self-esteem.  But I loved him as Texas governor.

Table of Contents Donald Trump is the Best Thing to Happen for the Republican Party Since Ronald Reagan- Part I- Introduction Part II-  Trump Can Turn his Moral Weaknesses into Strengths Part III-  How Trump is Different than Other GOP Candidates Part IV-  How Can We Take Trump Seriously on Illegal Immigration? Part V-  Donald Trump vs. John McCain Part VI-  Trump Gives Confidence to Other Republicans Part VII-  Conclusion: Social Issues, the Minority Vote and Third-Party Possibilities

Santorum is unfortunately likely to be branded as just another “It’s your turn to lose in the general Johnny- go give them what for.  We’ll still love you in the morning.”  Although he is great on immigration, gay marriage and abortion.  He’d be a great president, but he’s not registering in the polls.  It might be that he’s gotten a little soft on economic issues.  I’m not sure.  I’d like to see him run the Department of Homeland Security though.

Carla Fiorina talks a good game, but I don’t like how she forced HP to acquire Compaq against the wishes of the Hewlett and Packard families back when she was the first woman CEO of HP.  If she wouldn’t listen to those who’d hired her to run their company, how can I trust her to listen to the voters who might elect her?  I can’t.  Nonetheless, the winning president should put her in charge of finding legislation and regulations that need to be overturned.  She understands the business world enough to come up with great arguments.

I like Rand Paul a lot, but he’s just a little too squishy when it comes to the border.  But he’s fantastic in his outreach to minority communities.  And as far as being a principled Strict Constitutional man of the right, he’s fantastic.  And his tax plan, which has gotten just about no coverage, is outstanding.  Rand Paul is a big thinker.

Bobby Jindal is amazing, right up there with Ted Cruz, but he’s unfortunately not registering in the polls.  Once folks get to know him though, I think they’ll love him.  This might not be his year, but lucky for us, he’s young.  If he’s not the winner, he should be made Secretary of State.

Ben Carson is an awesome as well, but much of his campaign is based on personal stories.  While that’s endearing, it doesn’t tell me enough about what he plans to do.  On top of that, I’m not sure he has the willingness to do what is necessary to save this country.  He just seems to dang nice.  I want a warrior.  I’d love to see him in charge of HHS though.

Chris Christie is a great punchline on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, but he’s still a big government liberal from a state where he appointed a Muslim judge to the court and where they treat law-abiding gun owners like terrorists. He hugged Obama right before Romney lost, and he spread around the Hurricane Sandy federal dollars like it was his personal slush fund.  Corruption is corruption is corruption.  In essence, he barks like a big dog, but he’s really just a Democrat-Party lap dog.  Let him sit in their lap.  I don’t want him on mine.  However, he might make a great Secretary of Transportation.  That would make the liberals mad.

Huckabee is great on social issues, but he’s still a big-government conservative.  I don’t and can’t ever trust him, unless he was made the first 1st Amendment Czar.  Sick his department on anyone using the court system to silence and persecute Christians.

I’m sure there are a few other also rans that I didn’t mention, but whatever.

Bottom line, if any of these folks were to win the primary, they’ll need money and then have to sell out to those moneyed interests, which inevitably means that they’ll need to be for amnesty.  And like I said, that’s the end of the Republican Party and the end of the Republic. Trump’s funding his own campaign.  He doesn’t need the money of all the amnesty traitors.

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