Part IV- How Can We Take Trump Seriously on Illegal Immigration?

How do we know that Trump could do all the things he says he’ll do with the border if he were to get elected?  If the GOP is such a sold-out bunch of scoundrels, how can we be sure they’d pass the laws for him to do it?  That answer’s easy.  As the head of the executive branch, all he would have to do is uphold the laws that already exist, unlike our Constitution-hating Obama.

All this talk of “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” is nothing more than talk of getting rid of the laws that make illegal aliens criminals.  Building the wall or fence has already been passed into law.  It just needs to be executed over the wishes of the leftists that run the EPA.  If I were Trump, I’d get Senator James Inhofe to run the EPA.  That beats the heck out of what Bush did when he hired that New Jersey Juicy Fruit Governor Christine Todd Whitman.  The EPA doesn’t have to be run by a godless pagan who gets naked and whips up witch brews to feed her sprite fairies by the moonlight.

And it would be easy to make Mexico pay for it, contrary to the rabid outburst of Jebbie-Foxnewser Dana Perino.  All Trump would have to do is declare Mexico a terrorist state, which it is because of all of the cartels and the terroristic things that they do- the kidnappings, the rapes, the sex slavery, the bombings, the mass genocidal murders, the judge killings, the prison breaks…  Then, we’d cut mail service to Mexico.  The remittance moneys that go back to Mexico would slow tremendously.

Since the money that the immigrants send back to Mexico is one of the top three sources of money to the Mexican economy, believe me, they’d be paying for the wall.  Without American mail service, Mexico would have to supply coyotes to bring the Mexican money down into Mexico, and how many Mexican immigrants are going to be happy to send their money to Mexico in the hands of a bandito who drives a donkey carrying a burlap sack full of remittance money?  They know better than anyone how corrupt the Mexican government and anyone involved with it is.  The Mexican government makes the drug cartels look noble.  And don’t get your panties in a bunch.  I’m not offending any of the legal Mexicans in America.  They know that’s the truth better than anyone- that’s why they’re here.  So get off your high horse Sally.

But Mexico is our trading partner…  So what.  Partners shouldn’t be stabbing you in the back every time they get the chance.  Furthermore, our own government spends money in Mexico teaching the Mexicans how to get welfare benefits once they get to America- that way they can supplement their under-the-table income with government subsides, making the remittances possible.  In other words, American taxpayers are watching their government go broke because we’re stupid enough to allow our government to pay illegal aliens welfare so they can afford to take some of their under-the-table earnings and keep the Mexican economy afloat.  Yet we have over 93 million unemployed and under-employed American workers.  How does this happen?

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Donald Trump is the Best Thing to Happen for the Republican Party Since Ronald Reagan- Part I- Introduction Part II-  Trump Can Turn his Moral Weaknesses into Strengths Part III-  How Trump is Different than Other GOP Candidates Part IV-  How Can We Take Trump Seriously on Illegal Immigration? Part V-  Donald Trump vs. John McCain Part VI-  Trump Gives Confidence to Other Republicans Part VII-  Conclusion: Social Issues, the Minority Vote and Third-Party Possibilities

But what about Trump’s idea that these governments are sending their worst people?  Think about it from their perspective.  Obama is advertising in these Latin American countries that they can come to America and get welfare here, here and here.  If you are in charge of running a bankrupt socialist government, what would you do?  You have the cost of housing a bunch of MS-13 gang members and other cartel prisoners in your jails, and you have orphans running around on the street that need to be fed because these gang members have killed their parents.  Killing two birds with one stone means letting the gang members out of jail on the condition that they go to America and take these orphans with them.  Let these expenditures be America’s problem- out of sight, out of mind.  While our liberal media knows they’d get killed if they got anywhere near this story, this is the only explanation for the fact that unaccompanied minors are coming up with tattooed gang members, and eighty percent of them have tales of being raped along the way.  Don’t tell me these people are the best that these Latin-American countries have to offer.

But these minors are actually being sent by parents that hope they’ll have a better life in America, the liberals claim.  Yeah, right.  What liberal in their right mind believes that parents are sending children with gang members to another country, knowing that these children are very likely to be raped along the way?  The innate bond of love a parent has for a child renders this thesis absurd to the millionth degree.

So Trump is right- these countries are sending us their worst people.  These children are being sent at the direction of bankrupt governments looking to offload some inconvenient expenditures onto a country that’s run by corrupted idiots.

And this is one of the greatest aspects of the Trump candidacy- now that he’s talking about what no other candidate is willing to talk about for fear of losing access to the moneyed campaign donors, the true damage inflicted upon the people of the US is being reported.

Here are just a few recent cases.  The death of Kate Steinle in San Francisco at the hands of a felon who’d been deported five times is getting reported upon.  Democrat Rep Luis Gutierrez, who is a big America-hating vengeful open borders freak, calls the death “a little thing,” but it’s not a little thing.  This is just a spotlight on our corrupt government and how it refuses to force illegal aliens to abide by our laws.  Do we know if this guy even left our country once deported any of the five times?- No.  The actual judgment of deportation very often comes in the form of a summons to report later for deportation.  An unwillingness to appear renders the judgment as impotent as the Republican Congress.

Further proof of this can be seen in the case of 26-year-old Philippine illegal alien Keane Dean who raped a 14 year old girl after being released on a bond after being deported.  The ACLU was responsible for making sure he was released.

Did you know that illegal alien sex offenders aren’t even added to the national registries?  According to the Boston Globe:

Hundreds of immigrants convicted of sex crimes who should have been deported but instead were released in the United States because their homelands refused to take them back.
They are convicted rapists, child molesters, and kidnappers — among “the worst of the worst,” as one law enforcement agency put it. Yet the Globe found that immigration officials have released them without making sure they register with local authorities as sex offenders.
And once US Immigration and Customs Enforcement frees them, agency officials often lose track of the criminals, despite outstanding deportation orders against them.

Without Donald Trump making an issue out of the illegal alien infestation, do you think we’d actually know about this?  Do you think that Obama and his minions like Luis Gutierrez and La Raza would allow this information to be known to the people who are subjected to this infestation?

Or how about the story of the kidnapping of the two teen baseball team members, the coach and a parent by the Los Zetas in a border city?  The number one obligation our government has is to keep us safe from foreign invasion, but our own government is working hard to make sure we aren’t safe.  Is wondering if you’ll be kidnapped by Mexicans on the way to a baseball game a part of the unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?  Is a United States government that is determined to abridge those rights really legitimate?  It’s time to see a lot of government dirt bags get FIRED, and who’s better at firing people than Donald Trump?

But only the Mexicans will pick our food.  Yeah, only the Mexicans can afford to pick it at those prices.  But we have 93 million unemployed and underemployed workers in America.  And besides, after the report of people getting sick off cilantro because Mexican workers were pooping in the fields, who wants to trust our food supply to them?  Is this the modern-day meaning of organic food?  Or is this just third-world idiocy?

But it’s more than just building a wall.  It’s the enforcement that’s important.  Mark Kirkorian at NRO makes the point that “without detention, there is no immigration enforcement”:

This matters because illegal aliens are the platonic ideal of a flight risk. That is to say, once you’ve been allowed into the U.S., there is no downside whatsoever if you simply ignore your immigration court date. From last July through this May, fully 84 percent of “mothers traveling with minors” never showed up for their hearings. Though no-shows at immigration court are ordered deported in absentia, that just means if ICE ever catches up with them, the same thing will happen to them as if they hadn’t run off in the first place – they’ll be sent home. As a former immigration judge notes, “In any other court, disobedience to court orders results in arrest, contempt, and incarceration. Not so in immigration courts. Rarely, if at all, are aliens held accountable for the same conduct that would place a citizen in jail.”
This is why there are some 900,000 illegal aliens who’ve ignored deportation orders and remained here illegally – something they were able to do only because they were not detained. And ICE was prohibited in Obama’s November amnesty decrees from deporting any illegal-alien absconders who ran off before January 2014.

There’s a whole lotta people that need to get fired.  A government that refuses to live by the laws of the nation is not a legitimate government.

Can we take Trump seriously on illegal immigration?  I don’t know for sure.  He has gone a bit squirrelly lately, but he’s probably more sincere than most.  Bobby Jindal is really great as well, but he’s not getting noticed in the polls.  Ted Cruz is great, but he still favors increasing legal immigration and the number H1b visas.  That still causes Americans to lose jobs as it brings in cheap labor, as I’ve written about recently in regards to Disney.  With so many Americans without jobs and so many immigrants unwilling to melt in the pot, it’s time to halt immigration.  If Trump backtracks on immigration, then he’s out.  Forget him like Bob Dole, but learn from the lesson.  Bottom line, America is in trouble, and he seems to be the only one willing to grab the third rail, rip it up and beat the crap out of the liberals with it.

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