Part VII- Conclusion: Social Issues, the Minority Vote and Third-Party Possibilities

How does Donald Trump deal with social issues?- Probably pretty poorly to be honest.  And believe me that does scare me.  However, I want to fix this country.  Other than Cruz, Jindal, Paul, Santorum and Huckabee though, none of the other candidates are fire-breathing social conservatives either.  They just don’t have the self-confidence or the ability to stand on socially conservative principles.

Is that an excuse for throwing out the need for social conservatism?- No.  However, we did it with McCain and Romney, who were both squishy guys that were more interested in being liked by liberals than they were in being loved and adored by the Republican base.  So that is a tendency in the electorate that we must take into account as we prepare to do battle with whoever ends up beating Hillary in the Democrat primary.  I don’t think she’s the candidate by the way.  The talking heads bloviating about her inevitability are just a symptom of the willful ignorance that keeps them from understanding why Donald Trump is ruling the Republican polls.  They have no idea what is going on in this country.

Bottom line, I don’t have faith in any political solution to the genocidal appetites of the liberals and their sacraments of abortion and homosexuality.  Both houses of Congress are a sold-out batch of traitors, and the court system is riddled with doughy-eyed socialists with god complexes.  The release of the videos showing that Planned Parenthood is performing Mengele-like eugenics experiments on the bodies of babies that were exterminated with abortion is way more powerful than anything done politically in a long time.  That and local laws regulating abortion clinics out of existence is the way we end this genocide.  It’s about curbing the demand by informing folks about what the suppliers are actually up to.  I guess I’ve lost faith in the ability of a president to solve this problem.  Getting rid of Roe v. Wade won’t make abortion illegal, but forcing abortion mills to close with regulation and educating people about the truth will indeed make it go away.

Regarding gay marriage, I haven’t heard one idea that might make it go away yet.  The idea of a Constitutional Amendment is so farfetched and so distant in the future that pursuing it as THE solution is simply just an admission of impotence.  First and foremost, we need to establish religious freedom for all Christians.  And then we need to fight back so hard that we will make it uncomfortable for the homonazis to even be willing to stick their heads up, let alone use the courts system to destroy our institutions.  Victory will only come once they’re begging to get back into the closet, and we can make money by selling them the closets.  And that time will indeed come if they continue to pursue their fascistic methods of Christian elimination.

Table of Contents Donald Trump is the Best Thing to Happen for the Republican Party Since Ronald Reagan- Part I- Introduction Part II-  Trump Can Turn his Moral Weaknesses into Strengths Part III-  How Trump is Different than Other GOP Candidates Part IV-  How Can We Take Trump Seriously on Illegal Immigration? Part V-  Donald Trump vs. John McCain Part VI-  Trump Gives Confidence to Other Republicans Part VII-  Conclusion: Social Issues, the Minority Vote and Third-Party Possibilities

Only then can we overturn this abominable redefinition of marriage.  In the meantime, no one president will be able to do that.  What we really need to do is stop the influx of undocumented Democrats and rebuild the Republican Party according to its original platform- the same platform that freed the slaves.

Regarding the minority vote, Donald Trump has said that he can win the Latino vote and the black vote.  That may sound like bluster, but the truth is, he can.  Right now, he has the highest support of the Latino vote of any of the Republican candidates.  The reason is simple.  He’s not pandering.  He doesn’t treat Latino-Americans, the ones who can vote legally, as if they’re no better than the illegal immigrants.  Unlike the Democrats and the Republicrats, he doesn’t assume Latino-Americans are different than whites.

Whites don’t see criminal whites and pretend they’re innocent just because they’re white.  That is racist.  However, those that pander to Latinos by thinking that all legal immigrants just want us to legalize all the illegals that broke the laws to get here- the same laws that the legal immigrants followed- is kind of culturally insensitive.  In essence, they’re saying that all immigrants are such racist losers that they support criminals of their kind simply because these criminals are their kind.  That’s just absurd.  Trump isn’t pandering like that yet, and if he makes this point, he can indeed get a significant percentage of the immigrant vote.

Furthermore, the argument is simple.  Immigrants who are here legally are going to be hurt by the illegal aliens even more than Americans.  If the illegals are legalized, that will just make it harder for the legal immigrants to maintain their present jobs because the illegals will work for less.  While the argument is simple, no one has been willing to make it for fear of upsetting the latte-liberal talking heads.  Trump has the balls to make the argument because his campaign isn’t dependent upon the campaign donations of all the business interests hoping to get cheap labor.

This is the same argument that can be used to get the black vote.  Black unemployment is through the roof, partly because we’ve imported so much cheap labor.  All he has to do is proclaim that he will enforce the laws that already make it illegal to hire this illegal labor.  It’s that simple.  Enforce the laws that already exist, and shangra-freakin-la.  He doesn’t even need Congress to pass laws that already exist.  He just has to promise to enforce them.  Boom, he can get a significant portion of the black vote.

This is especially true if Hillary does win.  Her pandering message to the blacks is: “You’re too stupid to get a photo ID, so the Republicans are obviously trying to take away your vote with voter ID laws.  By the way, never mind the fact that I’m going to make citizens out of all the criminal illegal aliens who’ve taken your jobs so they can keep them.  Just trust me, they’re trying to keep you from voting.  Vote for me, and you won’t need an ID.”  Which message makes more sense to blacks?-  Vote for me and I’ll get your jobs back, or vote for me because I think you’re too stupid to get a photo ID?

Regarding the possibility that Trump runs as a third-party candidate, I don’t blame him for threatening to do so if the Republican Party doesn’t treat him fairly.  They’re just trying to keep their power over their interests, and their interests are all special.  If they succeed in getting Jeb or some other squish to win the Republican primary, and it’s Jeb and Hillary, I say Trump should run third party.  He might actually win.  The Republican electorate hates the loser ruling class, the independents hate both parties, and a lot of the Democrats hate their own party as well.  Bottom line, I’ll take Trump over any of the squishy ruling-class party-approved jokers on the stage.  I don’t care if the Republican Party loses.  If it comes down to a Democrat and a Republican fighting over the illegal alien vote (even though non-citizens aren’t supposed to vote), I’m with Trump as a third-party candidate.  It’s a no brainer.

America’s screwed, and we need someone who sees that- not someone who will just sit there and usher in our nation’s ultimate demise.  I’m not going to lie.  I’m really a Ted Cruz fan who also likes Rand Paul and Bobby Jindal.  However, if, come primary voting day in New York, they’re not in the race still, I’m going Trump.  I’m not going to waste my vote on Jeb or some other fancy-pants liberal who pretends to be a Republican.  Right now, Trump is taking all the arrows for those who want to save America from demographic destruction, and he’s getting rewarded in the polls.  If Cruz, Paul or Jindal don’t catch up, he’s my guy.  He takes those arrows like a warrior and sends hell-fire missiles in return.

And all he wants to do is make America great again.  He doesn’t apologize for being rich and successful.  Instead, he seems to want you and me to be rich and successful as well.  He’s been through the system that makes business development so tedious and costly, and he knows how it can be improved.  And it’s not like he hasn’t taken a hit financially with all the business he’s lost for taking so-called unpopular stances.  He’s made it in American, and now he’s giving back, even as he’s losing some market share in the process.  I believe he will take all the lessons from The Art of the Deal into negotiations with our adversaries and allies alike.  That is indeed what will make America great again.  We need someone who wants to win, and Trump is a winner.

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