Preface to Devil Owns the Fence

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Note: This is the preface to the soon to be published Devil Owns the Fence.

On July 13, 2020, in an article titled, “Elon Musk Claims his Brain Chip Will Cure Depression, Addiction,” Lucas Nolan at Breitbart reports that Elon Musk was asked:

Can Neuralink be used to retrain the part of the brain which is responsible for causing addiction or depression? It’d be great if Neuralink can be used for something like addiction/ depression.

Elon Musk responded:

For sure. This is both great and terrifying [My Emphasis]. Everything we’ve ever sensed or thought has been electrical signals. The early universe was just a soup of quarks and leptons. How did a very small piece of the universe start to think of itself as sentient?

According to the article, in 2019, Musk said:

So Neuralink, I think at first will solve a lot of brain-related diseases. So could be anything from like autism, schizophrenia, memory loss — like everyone experiences memory loss at certain points in age. Parents can’t remember their kids’ names and that kind of thing,

With the exponential progression of technology, many people will eventually be tricked into trading their freewill for the convenience and comfort that comes with AI implants and for the promise they’ll be able to have their brains interface with their smartphones and eventually the World Wide Web. This will be known as the global consciousness. When Intelligence is Artificial and freewill is sacrificed, the Word of God is hushed and eventually outlawed. Devil doesn’t hesitate to fill the vacuum.

They’ll tell you anything to get you to take the brain chip. Resistance is vital.

-- Mack Rights --

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