Q is naming the Dem and Rep Political Pedophiles

In a long string of posts yesterday, Q named 46 Democrat politicos and 44 Republican politicos who have been busted for rape, underage sex, pedophilia, child porn and anything perverted. These are the connected people. Now, he only listed the names, the political affiliation and the crimes they were charged with. Nonetheless, he began the thread with the question: "How is blackmail used?"

Below, I've linked to a pretty thorough Twitter feed that lists the names and links to the story about the crime.

Last week we heard a bunch of uppity Evangelicals at some pooferdoodle Christian rag called The Christian Post rage about how Q is talking about all the elite pedophiles and their Satanic rituals. Instead of criticising the pedophilia, they called the Qanon movement satanic. The article is titled Evengelical Leaders Denounce Qanon as political Satanic Movement.

Forget about NEXIVM, Weinstein, Disney and Epstein, these names are just politicos. Now that Q's named some names, are we to assume that these Christians-against-the-outing-of-pedos are arguing that these "great" politicos performed all these perversions in order to get closer to Jesus? Was this according to the Gospel? Or should the Christians behind this rag be investigated as if they were gay priests? What don't they want us to know? Check out this list of pedo-politicos and their crimes. It goes on an on and on.

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