Democrat Debate is a Display of their Racism?

In case you didn’t know, the Democrats had a debate last night on the state-funded channel of PBS. What am I thinking? Of course you didn’t know. No one knew. Even fewer cared.

It’s rough being a Democrat these days. I’m not being sympathetic. I’m just pointing it out as the most logical reason for their overt insanity every day.

Look, there’s a reason they impeached President Trump without naming a crime he committed. It was just a smoke screen so the population wouldn’t see what he’s doing while they fiddle. Trump’s burning their party on a daily basis. Not only is he putting Republican judges on the benches all over the nation, he’s exposing the Democrat Party as a front for the global billionaire cabal of underage sex-slave trafficking.

Between NXIVM and Epstein, and all the wealthy Democrat donors that supported these sex slave machines, the Democrats are up to their eyeballs in naked and sexually abused children, and they know it.

Now, Nancy Pelosi is refusing to even send the articles of impeachment over to the Senate out of fear that America will hear the truth when the President gets to confront his accusers and then call witnesses. Heck, if I were him, the first witness I’d call is Jeffry Epstein. It’s not like he killed himself. Heh.

The Democrat Party is the party of human trafficking. Sure, so are some of the Republicans, but most of them have resigned. Do you really think all these resigning Republicans and CEOs are walking away from the greatest jobs on the planet voluntarily? Uhn Uha. They were told what’s up and told to go away or face the piper.

Look at McCain. They had him on so many counts of treason that sticking around would have destroyed his family name and the McCain Institute off which his angry family parasites. After Trump electorally curb stomped Bill Clinton’s old battle axe, the evil money centers around the world no longer had any reason to buy influence from the Clinton Foundation. Instead, they gave it to the McCain Institute because McCain was the Democrat Party’s point man in destroying Trump and prolonging their globalist goal of fleecing the world, turning us into slaves and killing us off in any way they can. He willingly ceased getting his brain tumor treated and went to hang with John Dingal. If he’s looking up at us and sees a middle finger, it’s Donald Trump’s. Suck it Megan McCain. Your dad was an unpatriotic globalist sellout.

That said, look at the lengths the Democrats went to consolidate their party around the loonies. First, PBS, who constantly calls Trump racist for claiming we need a wall protecting us from the Narco state of Mexico, built a wall around the debate stage that kept Julian Castro from the debate. So much for their love of Latinos and the voice of the illegal alien. They just walled him out.

Then, they made sure Kamala Harris was drained of voters. While not African American, she’s Jamaican and Indian (from India – not the plains Indians like in Elizabeth Warren’s fantasy). Sure, she has no slave blood, but they treated her like Hillary Clinton treated Obama when she had the nerve to try and strangle his quest for the White House in 2008. They nipped Harris’ campaign in the bud like Hillary did to the Jewish guy Bernie Sanders, who had the audacity to question whether she really deserved it in 2016.

Sure, Bernie was still on the stand yesterday, after a fresh infusion of blood drained from the slaughtered unborn in America’s abortion archipelago, but he’s not really a good Jew. No one thinks, wow, what a devout Jew he is. The dude worships dirt, loves the Mu$lims and contends that Israel’s desire not to get slaughtered by the Muslims is racist. He’s a legit Democrat.

And while they let a gay on the stage in Mayor Pete Buttigieg, they banished the black guy that everyone believes whole heartedly is gay. Cory Booker was behind the wall with Julian Castro and Kamala Harris. Sure, he denies he’s gay, but no, actually, I don’t think he does. He just pretends that Rosario Dawson’s his girlfriend. Boy, Disney ruined her life. Back before Disney put the kibosh on Netflix’s successful run of Marvel shows, on which Rosario Dawson played the nurse to the superheroes, she had it going on. Now, her manager has her playing beard to the black queer who thinks he ought to be president. I’m glad I don’t have to read her diary. It would probably make me suicidal.

I wonder if she is paid with money outside the campaign or if Cory thinks his donors are happy to pay the expensive costs of hiring an actress as a beard. Is paying her campaign funds to pretend she sleeps with a gay guy from Newark legal or is it a campaign violation? Does she have a no kiss clause in her contract, or does she have to kiss this guy, not knowing where he puts his mouth when no one’s looking? Enquiring minds want to know, but the Cory Booker campaign has refused to return my calls.

At least they let Pete Buttigieg on the stage. Doesn’t he have the perfect name for a gay guy? “Booty Judge,” or as they say in the old world, “judge of the butt.” If I were a Democrat rabble-rouser who was unemployed other than cashing the antifa checks from the George Soros Destroying Civilization Foundation, I’d be at his rallies forming an exciting “judge my butt” peanut gallery, but I have a job.

The way the Democrats have elevated the gays and the transgenders to unquestioned sainthood over the last couple of decades, you’d think that the rest of the field would just bow out graciously, admitting they aren’t in the least bit worthy of occupying the stage of the Saint Pete. They should then bow to him. Seriously, why are the alphabet people even allowing these homophobic Democrats to oppose him?

Look at how planes-Indian Elizabeth Warren tried to put him down for being the toast of a fundraising party with a bunch of billionaires in a California wine cave where only $900 bottles of wine were served in the saint’s name. He beat her like a drum though when he pointed out that he’s the only person on the stage that wasn’t a millionaire or billionaire.

Luckily though, Elizabeth Warren isn’t a real Indian. If she were, the rest of the Democrats would have her shipped off to the reservation where “she belongs” and then forced her to pay an extra vig on her casino check. She definitely wouldn’t be able to cross the wall used to keep out the other minorities.

I know, they did let Amy Klobuchar on the stage. She’s the troll-sized yenta. I don’t know if she’s as much of a self-hating Jew as Bernie Sanders, but I do know they’ve seen how she treats the help. She’s famous for throwing heavy binders at her unpaid and underpaid interns. Scary. I wouldn’t want to get on her bad side either.

But that doesn’t excuse their anti-Semitism when it comes to Comrade Bloomberg. Get this, they didn’t let him on the stage because he is refusing to take donations to fund his campaign. Unlike a good socialist, he’s using his own money. What kind of crap is that? He’s obviously never heard the Democrat Party’s motto, “Never get high on your own supply.” He’s like a union worker who fills his eight-hour quota in one hour, making everyone else look like slackers. They put him outside the wall with the other “darkies.” And they call us racist. He’s probably lucky though.

If he were indeed on the stage at a moment when Elizabeth Warren had one of her peyote-inspired Indian flash backs, she might have given him an offensive Indian name like “Little Hebrew Billionaire,” right before she reminded him that she was going to put a tax so big on his wealth that he might have to liquidate part of his empire every year just to pay it because it would make his effective income tax larger than 100%. But that might mean she’d have to get into the numbers on her wealth-tax plan and moving us back onto the Wampum Standard. She’s not into numbers luckily. We’ll have to elect her in order to find out what we’ve done to ourselves.

Nevertheless, they did allow at least one billionaire over the wall. Tom Steyer is a devout dirt worshipper, and wants to mandate that America adopt his pagan religion with pre-programmed Swedetard Greta Thunberg as our prophet. The most offensive part about making Greta the prophet is that she’s on the autistic spectrum. It’s offensive to all the other autistic people that we know and love. If Planned Parenthood wanted to make inroads in the pro-life community, they’d make Greta the Planned Parenthood Poster Child for the eradication of autism. She’s the eugenicist’s dream. She’s so freakin’ offensive to autistic people around the world that she should apologize and disappear. But hey, vote Democrat, and you’ll be praying to her, whether you like it or not. These people are totalitarian to the max.

At least the Democrats have a thing for mentally challenged people. They let Biden up there. He’s about three to five purposely undiagnosed mini-strokes away from a full frontal lobotomy. The only reason he’s still on the stage is so he doesn’t get indicted for money laundering taxpayer aid money through Ukraine into the bank account of his cokehead of a son Hunter, who’s presently got a baby in the belly of a stripper and one in the belly of his dead brother’s wife. You’d think his last name was Soprano. It’s the Democrat-Party way I guess. It says a lot about this cast of characters that this guy is in the lead, what with all the talk about letting black kids, whom he calls roaches, play with the blond hair on his legs right before they jump up into his lap, where he loves it when kids sit there. So creepy it’s no wonder his kid’s a degenerate.

I’m not sure if Yang’s a billionaire too, but they did let him up there. So the Democrats don’t hate all off-white people I guess.

They did at least offer reparations to illegal aliens. Did you get that black people? The Democrats put a wall around the debate stage to keep out the black candidates and the Latino candidate and the Jewish billionaire who isn’t funded by the hoi polloi, but they are giving illegal aliens reparations and a fast track to citizenship. Whaaaaat?

What else are they going to do though? First they refuse to help stop the flood of the third world into our nation being facilitated by the Mexican Drug cartels, who use this flood to smuggle in drugs and sex slaves. The drug cartels get Americans hooked on life-destroying drugs, taking the addicted Americans out of the work force. This creates jobs “that Americans can’t do high,” which can be taken by the illegal aliens who have to send a portion of their pay back to the drug cartels that helped them get to America in the first place.

In essence, giving these illegal aliens, who are beholden to the drug cartels, money is also a way to pay the drug cartels taxpayer funds through an underground remittance program. This is another money laundering scheme to help fund the Mexican drug cartels with money taken from the American taxpayer. “Thank you for the new voters and thank you for the sex slaves. Make your checks payable to friends of Democrats, I mean cash.” Who thinks for a second that the Drug Cartels aren’t funneling some of this money back to the Democrats as a thank you gift for opposing the closing of the border? Like I said, the Democrat Party is nothing but a front for the global sex slave trade.

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