Trump Should Use Executive Order to Ban all Abortion

Upon the replacement of Darth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, there will be six Republican-appointed justices to three from the Democrats.

Trump just used an executive order to ensure medical care to all babies who are born alive after a botched abortion.

“Today I am announcing that I will be signing the Born Alive Executive Order to ensure that all precious babies born alive, no matter their circumstances, receive the medical care that they deserve,” President Trump said. “This is our sacrosanct moral duty. We are also increasing federal funding for the neonatal research to ensure that every child has the very best chance to thrive and grow.”

While this is a great start, as soon as his third justice is appointed, President Trump should use an Executive Order to immediately ban and outlaw all abortion.

Sure, it sounds radical, but Trump is radical. He's the most pro-life president we've ever had. He's does more than whisper sweet words into the ears of taken-for-granted pro-life voters. He's living the lifestyle. It's one of the main reasons the cult of Ginsburg hates him so much.

Now, think about the implications of doing this via executive fiat. I know that's undemocratic. But sometimes you have to take a bat to those who've been persecuting you un-democratically for decades all the while they call themselves Democrats.

The conversation about the Executive Order will be epic.

First, the Democrats will argue that he can't re-write law via Executive Order.

Mouth-shutting response: Roe vs. Wade is not law. It is a ruling put into place by un-democratically-elected judges. Laws, by definition, must be written in the Legislature - the House and the Senate. Roe vs. Wade was not written there. It was conjured up in the minds of our self-appointed betters on the Supreme Court.

The Democrats will be like, but, but, but... They'll be about as eloquent as Joe Biden after 9:30 in the morning. It might then go to the Supreme Court, where the new Court will then have to re-consider the Court's past sins from that Constitutional point of view.

In doing so, President Trump will then argue that the Court has already made precedent after it upheld President Obama's DACA Executive Order, which actually did re-write a law that passed both houses and was signed by a president.

When asked to consider President Trump's Executive Order undoing the executive order of his autocratic predecessor, the Supreme Court overruled President Trump's executive order undoing his predecessor's EO. Heh.

When law, according to the Supreme Court, can be rewritten via EO, how can a ruling that parades itself as law not be susceptible to the same treatment by an Executive Order? The Supreme Court already made Obama's Executive Order supreme over a law that had passed both houses and had been signed by a president. How is a court ruling more supreme than an EO, which is already more supreme than an actual law, according to the ruling of the court?

If the Court then overrules his executive order to outlaw abortion, the president should then tell the Court to enforce it. Let the Court send out their best enforcers to go up against the Federal Law Enforcers in charge of enforcing the ban on abortion.

Some might call this the purposeful creation of a Constitutional Crisis, but those who understand the Constitution already understand that the implementation of Roe vs. Wade via judicial fiat is the original Constitutional Crisis. In reality, President Trump will be correcting an existing Constitutional Crisis.

That's a conversation this country could use.

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