Videos of George Soros Bragging About Being a Nazi

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

The liberals hate it when we point out that in World War II, George Soros pretended he wasn't Jewish, joined the Nazis and helped them steal art and valuables from his fellow Jews before they were sent off to be liquidated.

They call us anti-Semites for sympathizing for the Jewish victims of the Nazis who had to watch as a young Jewish Soros valued their stuff and entered it into inventory while they were being prepped for the trains that ran on time.

These despicable Biden supporters make excuses for a man who made his riches after he souled out and went to work for Hitler. While there's probably no saving Soros' soul, these Democrats might have a shot.

In these videos, Soros is proud of his work as a Nazi and very happy to do a job that someone else would have done had he not. That's his excuse. So when they call you an anti-Semite for pointing out that Mr. Moneybags for the Demoncats was a Jewish Nazi, point them to the videos where Soros admits it and brags about it.

The Democrats make excuses for this very evil man because of the money. And since the love of money is the root of all evil, that makes being a Democrat pretty much evil. You think that's hyperbole, watch the videos.

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