What Does it Say That Kamala Harris Might Be 1st Woman Pres?

In the video below, Kamala Harris slips and talks about a Harris administration before catching herself and remembering Joe's actually running for President.

Bottom line, it's not a secret to anyone that Joe is not mentally prepared or able to be president. In other words, Harris already knows she's technically going to be the president, if the ticket wins, as soon as Biden steps down.

So, if that were the case, that would mean this woman Harris needed an old while guy with dementia at the top of the ticket to become president. The first woman president will not have actually been elected as president. She'll be the Gerald Ford of the Democrat Party.

But, if you're a Democrat, you already know and accept that women and minorities can't get things done on their own. This "truth" is about 90% of the party's platform.

While some think that Obama was the first black president, it's because they forgot that Bill Clinton was, according to famous black leftist writer Toni Morrison, the first black president because he played sax, liked fried food and liked to cheat on his wife.

Just as Obama wouldn't have made it to the White House without the wake left by a philandering rapist who committed perjury, the Democrats don't believe a woman can make it without the help of a frail old white guy suffering from Dementia.

Think about that feminists. Your own party thinks you're incapable, yet you vote for them like the life of your aborted fetus depended upon it.

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