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Updated: Oct 16, 2019

10/16/19 1 o'clock

Sorry Liberals, you're going to need to find another place to watch kiddie porn:

Trump closed down the world's largest dark web hub for kiddie porn. If Obama gets credit for killing Osama, Trump gets credit for taking down all you liberal pedophiles and kiddie-porn pervs.

Want to know about more of what Trump is up to in the realm of destroying the lives of pedos and kiddie porn freaks, check out the DOJ's page on the arrests. Just about every day, more an more losers are going down in non-preferred ways. This is why the liberals are doing whatever they can to kill off Trump. They are losing voters to prisons almost as fast as they can kill them in the abortion death camps.

Leave the kids alone liberals.

10/14/19 noon o'clock

Is Elizabeth Warren an INDIAN GIVER? Watch this video. She pretends to want to give the middle class Medicare for free, but avoids answering the question about middle-class taxes going up 17 times. She might be giving us Medicare, but she's going to take a crap load from us to do so. For some reason youboob won't let me embed this link - need to protect their teepee dweller from scrutiny, I guess.

The liberals hate this video, saying it's too violent, even as they call for violence against Americans, kill babies in the abortion clinics and encourage young children to experiment with lifestyles sure to get them AIDS. Trump may condemn it publicly, but who among us thinks he didn't giggle while watching it? It's funny. I don't car who your are.

10/4/19 1:40 pm

If you've been reading my sins against nature series, you know that in the first part, I wrote:

If Carbon Dioxide is a pollutant, breathing is a sin, and, if breathing is a sin, then so is living. Where in the Bible does God tell us that living and breathing are sins and that we should kill ourselves so we can stop sinning?

If this kind of demonic logic doesn’t lead you to take the Swedish scientist’s advice to use cannibalism to help fight global warming, it might still lead you to the demented thinking of the Senator Bernie Sanders, also a Democrat presidential candidate. On the idea of global population control, he endorses American taxpayers funding mass abortions of brown and black people in the third world because those that survive his abortion death camps produce the poison of carbon dioxide:

I'm sure you've seen this, but in case, here it is.

I thought I was done with sins against nature, but the world keeps making my point. By the world, I mean the crazy and crazier part of society that is in a secular death trance that makes faith in God impossible when their faith that carbon dioxide is destroying the world is so strong. There's no room for faith in God when your faith in nonsense is so unquestioning. It's nutjobs like AOCortez the Killer that are causing people to think like this young lady who says we need to eat the babies. Neil young lyrics to Cortez the Killer include the stanza:

And the women all were beautiful And the men stood Straight and strong They offered life in sacrifice So that others could go on.

Tell me that's not apropos.

I know that the Washington Compost has reported that this questioner is a member of the Lyndon LaRouche group, even though the old liberal wacko died in February. I don't know if she believes in eating the babies or not, but I do know that AOCortez the Killer didn't flinch when she suggested eatin the babies.


Here are some thoughts. What if AOC did indeed have a moral bone in her body that caused her to do the right thing and tell her supporter and admirer that she shouldn't eat the babies in the name of saving the planet or AOC or for any reason. Instead, AOC sympathized with this woman's sentiments as she had her goons retrieve the microphone and escort this young lady back out into the world where she can eat the babies in peace.

Bottom line, had AOC told this lady she shouldn't eat the babies, and that that was not the cost of saving the planet, it would make AOC and her posse of death-cult Democrats a bunch of hypocrites. What would they say if the gutless Republicans then stood up and said we need an investigation into those who bought the baby-body parts from the Planned Parenthood? The gutless Republicans won't do that because they know what they'd find:

That people aren't buying these baby-body parts to do research. If they were, we'd hear about all the success in treatment of diseases that research with baby-body parts taken from babies slaughter in or just outside the womb. We hear none of that. Instead, just silence about the case and the case against the folks that uncovered this Democrat Party atrocity.

If they really did do the investigation, they'd undoubtedly find that big important Democrat-Party money people in the billionaire occultic elite were buying these parts and the blood to eat, to make facials and skin creams and Adrenalin-derived highs and youth potions. These people are sick. Not once did AOC correct this women or suggest that doing this was bad. Why, because AOC is a product of this billionaire class of blood letters who believe that they "need to offer life in sacrifice so that THEY can go on."

Think I'm crazy, the Democrats love bio fuels. What is the blood of the unborn, used as a youth potion and an energy drink but a bio fuel? This is what they're all about, and why they'll do anything to keep the truth from seeing the light of the day.

Forget about what the girl said, look at how calm and unperturbed AOC was about the thought of eating babies and children as sacrifices to the pagan goddess Mother Earth in repentance for the sins against nature.

Here's another video of one of the "Eat the Babies" cult members. He's interviewed in the first two minutes. The rest is commentary I didn't listen to and can't vouch for.

Lastly I'll throw in a great video of Greta Thunberg. She's the autistic Swedish girl that handlers from the Soros and Bono save-the-planet-from-capitalism-and-Jesus cult programmed to be an angry little Hilter-Youth-like psycho bot (more on this later, no time now). I'll say this though, if I'm her parents, I'd make sure this girl never gets her hands on a gun. She's a walking red flag. For another time though.

A Swedish Death Metal band agreed with her so much that they put her UN speech to Death Metal. It's beautiful and perfect. The message of save the planet to Death Metal.

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